Message from the President

As we are close to celebrate our 20th anniversary in the coming 2020, we are truly grateful for all our employees and customers continuous trust, support and guidance.

 Since the company was established in 2000, and through the years; DCS TELECOM has cultivated its status as a pioneer in Information Technologies and specially in the Satellite services industry.

 Guided by our company’s philosophy of “Trustworthiness & Creativity,” we have continued to challenge ourselves to provide the best – and the best only – wide range of IT solutions and services globally by harnessing the advanced technologies, the core of which encompasses the telecommunication and satellite technologies.

The global business environment has experienced drastic changes in the last few years. Rapid advancement in the field of IT has helped expedite the installation of new networking infrastructure around the world. As it becomes possible to process more and more data at ever-faster speeds, information technologies continue to change how we do business and how we live our lives.

I believe that companies should not merely be satisfied with variations of conventional ideas. They must also have the creativity to proactively identify perpetually changing customer needs, as well as the agility to quickly respond to changes, with a highly-precision insight specially when new IT technologies are starting to revolutionary changing the way we look to communication ability and how to connect globally located highly-bandwidth consuming networks to each other in a better and faster way without compromising the cost or the quality

With society facing a historic transition comparable to the Industrial Revolution in the last decade, we at DCS TELECOM are making a major shift, from a company culture that largely depends only on providing the cutting-edge IT communication hardware, to an enterprise that continuously developing an integrated communication smart-hypred-solutions that can always accept new ideas to an up-coming IT evolutional era, while keeping focused on “Trustworthiness and Creativity” as our operation philosophy.

Changing the mindset of each of our staff members is of the utmost importance. We are emphasizing three values in particular “Curiosity” to explore out-of-the-box possibilities, “Open Mind” to flexibly accept opinions from other fields, and “Power to Inspire” that is essential for guiding and motivating groups that work together. By encouraging staff members to proactively engage with customers and discover new needs, DCS TELECOM will always be ahead and much better equipped to propose appropriate IT telecommunication solutions.

By repeating this cycle, we are determined to expand our business and become an ideal company for a society that always have higher expectations.

Our goal is to exhibit progress not only in the satellite telecommunication solutions – the one field we expect to grow in the coming few years – but in all of our businesses, including Telecommunication solutions, and Software. And we always ask for your continued support and guidance on this exciting journey.

 Essam Khalil

   Group CEO